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Our mission is to help ladies protect themselves, their families and their generational wealth through the use of Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney and Trusts.

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Charlene and Antoinette

Why should you use us?

We are Antoinette and Charlene, sisters who are passionate about helping ladies to understand estate planning and put things into place - to protect themselves and their families.

We have been serving ladies and their families since 2018. We will ensure you have all the information you need to put your Will, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trusts into place, with no frills.

It’s our mission is to help ladies and their families with the knowledge and know how, to protect themselves now and to keep their wealth for generations to come.


Our Wills

Sis, whether it’s a Will just for yourself or for you and your spouse/civil partner we got you covered. You can state any guardians to your child(ren) specific gifts and who will be your executor(s) (the person who administrates your estate).



Ladies, an area we encourage people to become more familiar with are, Trusts. A Trust is a way to ensure your assets, (properties, land or cash etc) are left to your loved ones and are looked after by someone whom you trust - once you’re no longer here. You (the Settlor) will entrust your assets to the Trustee(s). Their responsibility will be to look after these assets for the good of the beneficiaries (the people you wish to inherit). We’d be happy to discuss which Trust may be best for you and your family.

The beneficiaries and Trustees can be the same people!

There are many types of Trusts for various family setups and circumstances, which can be useful to ensuring assets remain in the family bloodline, safeguard properties and many other uses.


Severance of Tenancy

You may own a property with a friend, family member, or spouse in the traditional way of joint tenants. This means that should one person pass away; ownership belongs to the other person. This is usually normal with spousal ownership where you share children and wish for everything to go to your spouse. On the other hand, if there are children from previous relationships, you may wish for them also to inherit. You may also own properties in joint ventures, with business associates, who equally you may not wish them to inherit your share within the property on your demise. This is why you may wish to sever the tenancy at Land Registry, and we can help with this.


Lasting Powers of Attorney

Ok, so what you need to know is that there are two types we encourage all of our clients to consider. They are Health and Welfare and Property and Finance. Having these documents in place means you can put someone you trust in the ‘driving seat,’ when you’re not able to. This could be for use if you’re out of the country, or if you ever became incapacitated through illness or an accident. These are very powerful documents and help protect you while you’re still here. You can choose up to four attorneys, and you can state how and when they can act. Have a chat with us today about your options.


Executor and Probate Assistance

If you are the chosen executor or you have volunteered to be the administrator (to close an estate down after the loss of a loved one) we know this can be a daunting job. We understand you’re already grieving and have a lot of paperwork to sort through. We’re happy to help discuss the case and provide a professional service to help you through probate with one of our partners.


Courses, Education and Speaking Events

We have a series of courses and workshops that have been pre- recorded and also live training and support groups to ensure that you have exactly what you need in place. We are also available for speaking events. Please get in touch with us to discuss these services.

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What our Clients say

Wentworth Wills were very professional

Wentworth Wills were very professional, informative and warm in relation to a rather difficult subject matter. The process has been seamless and undertaken in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Wentworth Wills, you will not be disappointed.

A. Purcell

I highly recommend Wentworth Wills

I highly recommend Wentworth Wills! They did an outstanding job in helping me with my Lasting Power of Attorney. Their staff was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process, answering all of my questions thoroughly and clearly. The documents they provided were timely and accurate, with clear instructions on how to complete them. Thanks again, Wentworth Wills! Highly recommended.

Ms. Myers

Knowledgeable and Friendly

I instructed Wentworth Wills to help me navigate my way around this subject and found them to be extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We went through a couple of options and I was able to make an informed choice regarding my Will. I'm happy to refer others to Wentworth Wills for a great service. Thank you ladies.

K. Samuels

Professional service

My experience with Wentworth Wills have been very positive indeed. They were very helpful even putting themselves out above and beyond to assist in delivering their service. I would definitely recommend them.


Very professional, respectful and honest

My Mother passed away last year quite suddenly due to her battle with kidney disease. The team was very professional in providing tailored funeral advice to suit my needs and up to date advice on payment options. They where very respectful and dealt with all the complicated areas for us. Honest and took the time to plan out what we needed. Highly recommend their services as they relieved a lot of the burden which gave us time to grieve.

T. Maynard

An excellent course

An excellent course. Provided practical advice that could be put into use immediately. I would definitely attend other courses thay they deliver.

W. Malcom

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